Amber Salvation

Praise Grungni!  I found my sanctuary in this frozen torment.  A brewery of all places.  The manlings ‘ad set up base nearby and were brewin’ their own ales to keep their spirits high.  I can ‘ardly believe it.  When I stumbled down to the door they met me with sword and musket, I muttered my situation to them and they doted upon me some of their shanks and mead.  I had my fill and then came before the leader of this post.

He asked me what ‘ad happened and where I was comin’ from.  I was informed this place was High Pass. How I got ‘ere from where I was in Ostland, I’m not too sure.  I was careful not to enlighten these men too much as to the specifics of what happened in Ostland.  One thing I know for certain about manlings, they take serious the threats of Chaos and purge the smallest possibilities of its spreadin’.  I don’t need no Witch Hunters tracin’ me footsteps.

I was encouraged to hear that this pub was a common destination for many Dwarves on their travels.  They ‘ad none with them currently and the ones they usually get don’t come meanderin’ in from the wilderness as I did.  After some further chit chat with the leader, who called ‘imself Fridrek, I was allowed to get some sleep.  It seemed he ‘ad gotten all he wanted out of our conversation, not that I cared too much.  Better for me to rest then to keep blabberin’ with ‘im like some ‘ol maid.  I took kindly to my little corner in the brewery, where I’m finishin’ up this ‘ere entry.  I be more tired than a gobbo with a band of slayers at ‘is heel.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

All blessings come from Grungni!

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