Scattered remnants

There was nothin’ to be found in that cave, I ‘ad made my way all the way out to the other side and jus’ had the eerie wind passin’ through to keep me company.  There was a sound I couldn’t place that scarcely made itself ‘eard, but I never came across what was makin’ it.

I set out once I got back to my camp, packed up me Bugman’s and little other gear I ‘ad.  I didn’t walk far before I came upon an unsettlin’ sight.  An ol’ battlefield among the icy spine of this mountain.   I reckon these poor fella’s didn’t even see it comin’.  Their tents were standin’ in tatters, frozen as they ‘ad been left.  Bodies protruded out o’ the snow an’ ice, reachin’ for the last bit of life that remained in ’em.

I did my duty as a survivalist and began to scavenge the bodies, askin’ for pardons of those whom it was due.  I managed to find an empty pack and a blanket through the ‘ole mess.  The blanket was shorter than necessary for a manling an’ it was colder than the very snow, but it would suffice for me.  I stuffed it into me newly acquired pack and continued on me way.  If I managed to come across this many manlings, maybe there’d be more nearby.  More of the livin’ sort that is.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

It's good to see a manling, even a dead one.

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