1.3.6 – Runepriest/Zealot Discussion

So, the new changes we’ve heard about in the last (I think?) newsletter are being discussed by the community… thankfully.  To implement such a change without seeing our thoughts and opinions on the matter would not be good.  However, I’m looking forward to the much needed attention given to the game.  There’s a general rundown of the change over at massively.com.

I only have a low level Runepriest atm who I plan on leveling up eventually, seeing as I play my Archmage more towards Vaul (debuff not lifetap) than Isha it will be nice to have a “main healer”.  I really like the RP playstyle and perhaps I’ll wait a little longer before playing him to see what 1.3.6 brings along with it.

– Thrangis “The Red”

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