The machinations of Chaos

My escape through the woods took me to a strange clearing.  I still hadn’t made it out of the village, it was much bigger than I thought!  Such an vast place t’ fall to this vile taint.  Chaos itself was remakin’ the landscape to its own sickening reality.  The ground was sinkin’ in upon itself, swallowin’ up the trees, rocks, and nearby buildings.

In one moment there stood b’fore me a magi, he gave no name and stared beyon’ me into the distance.  I reassured the grip on me axe, ready to silence any utterin’ that may spill out of his mouth.  When he spoke, if I can even call it that, I could not react fast enough.  His lips never moved, yet the words wormed their way into my consciousness.  He gave to me, not thoughts, but emotion.  His gaunt face that held no character projected into me the desires of chaos.  I was driven to the very earth, cowerin’ and shrinking from the overwhelming sickness that was in my ‘ead.

The magi of my madness

I have no idea how long it was before I became alert.  I ‘ad walked some distance from where I had been with the magi and stood before a great Chaos gate.  I distinctly picked out the clink and clank from the metal gears, mashing together to keep this doorway alive, maintained by devious magics beyond me understandin’.  I became frantic, what ‘appened to me?  How was I overcome by the energies of Chaos?  My kind had no knee to bow in presence and power of the gods of Chaos.  Why did I fall before it?

Soon after my worried self doubt, I begin to march toward the gate.  I had no constraint over my decision.  I was to walk into that gate, I was to venture forth towards my demise.  Or was it something far worse?  I bellowed and fought within my mind to regain control of my march.  The icy aura of the gate washed over me as I closed the gap.  The frigid essence of the portal pierced me down to the bone till I felt nothing at all.  All I heard was the screamin’ of my own voice inside my head.  An’ then everythin’ was swallowed by darkness.

A great misfortune unfolds upon me

The growin’ madness of

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

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