A moment of silence

I sat alone in that gatehouse for hours, listenin’ to their never endin’ scrapin’ an’ clawin’ against the gate!  The only other way out had debris from the fallen keep pressed against it.  If I but had some dwarven powder I could blast me way out.  Damn not havin’ dwarven powder!! An’ I can I can hardly rest me eyes with all this racket outside!  I need to get some sleep, the gate will hold ’em.


It stopped… I hear neither scrape nor groan of those vile creatures.  Should I be grateful?  Or is somethin’ sinister afoot?  Och, to be a band of dwarves in this moment!  T’would be a comfortin’ relief to have some of me brothers an’ cousins ‘ere.  Alas, my predicament be more rank than the toe off one of ’em greenskins.  I’ll give it another hour an’ I’ll open the gate an’ see if they all ran off.


Aye, they all left.  Not too sure where, but they made a mess of the door.  Matter of fact, this whole area be deserted.  I’ll climb up some of the debris an’ get my barin’.  There still be several hours till dawn, I think.  Hard to tell in this forest.  I can’t wait until daylight, I need to get out of here while I have the chance.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Owe my nails...

I wonder what called 'em off...

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