They’re everywhere!

There’s no way out of this forsaken place!  Och!  You did a fine job gettin’ yourself into this mess Thrangis!  This area ‘as been givin’ over to the dead and the damned.  By Grungni’s beard there be no end to ’em!  I ‘ardly got into the center of this settlement when I started ‘earing the shiftin’ and stirrin’ of the earth.  The noise grew all about me, down every corner and behind every house.  Before I had time to make sense of the whole situation it was too late!

I ran towards the largest buildin’ in the area, hopin’ to shelter myself.  Ran pass one of ’em in a back alley that was still tryin’ to wake.  The door was locked!  I ran to the next nearest buildin’, also locked!  Those that were still alive must ‘ave locked themselves up tight when this death settled in. These abominations, how long have they been here?  Where is here?…

With luck I spotted the ruins of an old keep on the end of town.  The stones as a whole were in shambles, but the gate house still stood firm.  I ran as fast as these solid dwarven legs would carry me! I barely closed the doors in time…

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith


Close damn you!

So, I was trying something a little different with the screenie this time around.  Not sure if it’s what I like, not sure if it’s not… >.>

So, let me know if you like the traditional screenshots for that “in-game” feel, or you enjoy the story-esque creation I whip up from in-game images.

If anything, I’ll bounce back and forth between both styles as the mood requires… :P

– Brandon

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  1. I like the story-esqu screenie. Well, this one is pretty atmospheric.

    • I plan on doing a lot more with my screen shots for the rest of my story, I feel I can add more than what is immediately available to me through the game. :)


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