Where’d they go?

I returned to the road where the manlings were s’posed to be.  Can’t find boot nor hair of ’em anywhere!  With the road clear, I was able to make some good distance from the cave.  The forest was absent of wind, which left me with mixed feelings.  I kept my guard up and my axe ready.  A dead wind meant no scent for me to be sniffin’.  As sharp as my eyes be, this thick forest left too much unseen.

The road ends at a bridge leading into the remnants of settlement.  I can see smoke from fires long burned out finding their place in the canopy above.  The manlings from this area quickly put up a sign before the bridge reading:

“Sigmar has forsaken this place, we are left to run for our lives.  Do not enter unless you seek to meet your end.”

Their warning was a kindness, but this be the only road I have for the time bein’.  I’m startin’ to worry less about where the raiders ran off to.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

What's it say?

Scrawled so tiny you can 'ardly read it...

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