Mourkain Temple – Tier 2

– Intro –

Alright, back again with a Mourkain edition.  I would like to state for the record that, these are my thoughts on Mourkain Temple from a solo perspective, seeing as your only real goal (in terms of teamwork) is to stick with with the mob.  Also, you don’t need a mount in order to be good at Mourkain Temple, though I’ve heard it argued otherwise.  The artifact does not spawn right away, so there is really no point in being the first one to the middle.  Stick with your group, do your part.

Now, if you’ve played Mourkain you have noticed that it works very differently than Nordenwatch or Ekrund.  So, instead of just giving you routes to take for situations I’ll actually give my thoughts on what classes should and should not be doing.  But first, who should be carrying the artifact anyway?

– Artifact Carriers –

From best to least effective, in my opinion.

1. Ranged DPS

The reason for this is purely the kills.  You have the benefit of staying in the back of the fight, near the healers.  You also have the benefit of killing the most people. For every player the Artifact holder kills, your team gets 20-30 points (a verify would be nice, hammerwiki isn’t even sure). The biggest problem with ranged having the artifact is the possibility of a flank, in which case you and your healers will not last very long.  Ranged dps is best for the artifact when you know you’re pushing the enemy back to their spawn.

2. Tanks

The obvious choice for holding things that you don’t want the enemy to get.  However, where they shine in surviving (especially with healer),  they’re lackluster (in most cases), at killing the enemy. I would recommend a tank if the enemy has either a lot of ranged dps or melee dps, since tanks are built to take damage.  I feel the same applies when using a great weapon.

3. Melee DPS

I would only trust a melee dps with the artifact if I knew they were going to get dedicated heals.  The great thing about a melee dps with the artifact is they’ll usually be with the mob, so they won’t get mobbed.  The biggest problem I see with a melee dps holding the artifact, is they sit behind their group while they’re group does all the killing.  I feel that they could be helping their group better, thus leaving the artifact for someone else who can stay in the back and still be assisting from range.

4. Healers

Now, I personally have won many games by picking up the artifact on my healer.  They have the perfect position away from the enemy, and they can still be useful.  They can also keep themselves healed during the increasing damage from holding the artifact. However, I would only suggest doing this on a healer when you can safely stay in the back without threat of flanks.  I’m not sure if you will get more points (from holding the artifact) for your team while assisting them in kills through healing (a verify on this would be nice as well).

A word of caution, you will be able to maintain your healing only for the first few moments.  The artifact will begin to dish out considerable damage with prolonged holding and your attention will shift from your teammates to you alone.  If you have AoE heals this works perfectly, but if not just use your quick heals and HOTs to help your team.  If you are the only healer, DO NOT pick up the artifact.

– Ranged DPS –

Hopefully you won’t have too many of then.  Nothing worse than a group whose initial reaction is to run away and stay at range.


If the enemy has the artifact, he should be your target.  No one else.  Even with heals, you + the artifact means he is going to die.  Who knows, maybe your efforts to win the scenario will single-handedly secure victory.  More likely you’ll have to remind your entire team that the enemy has the artifact and is getting lots of points.

If your team has the artifact and you aren’t the one holding it, focus on the healers and ranged dps.  Keep your AoE roots/snares ready for those coming towards the healers, as well as your knock backs for melee harassers.

[Not Doing]:

Running away and continually attacking the “mob” that is your enemy.  If you are trying to kill the mob, you’re not going to be very affective.  In fact, you’ll most likely pull the attention of the mob and they’ll come barreling down on you.  You’ll try to run away because you’re squishy, thus effectively killing all the healers you are nearby.  Players are pretty simple minded about some of their fights, kill what’s in front of them or hurting them the most.  Try not to make this you until you know you can kill them.

– Tanks –

Always good to have and from my experiences, the more the merrier… up to 5.


Guarding, make sure this is always on someone, with priority being: Artifact holder, Healers, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, other Tanks.

Your knock backs are perfect for bringing the enemy artifact holder to your team.  It’s very simple to march through their lines, get behind him, and send him flying towards your mob.  Just remember collision detection, you’ll have to weave through your enemy’s ranks.

If you manage to catch wind of a flank moving in on your healers, and you’re currently not trying to kill the artifact holder, do you best to aid them within your means.

[Not Doing]:

Not paying attention to your healers and focusing on tanks.

If you’re passing by an enemy tank, just throw a slow on him or knock him down and move on.  You can kill them in the end, they’re not the biggest threat to you.  Don’t push too deep into the enemy mob, you will die.  Do your best to pick out melee dps targets that are grouping up with the tanks. The great thing about Mourkain is everyone gets very confined near the artifact, so the ranged dps and healers are not very far from the fight.

– Melee DPS –

You’ll have them, liking them is up to you.


Keeping pressure on the healers and ranged dps.

Sometimes on my slayer, if the enemy has the artifact I’ll sit and watch his health.  When I have confirmed that the artifact is starting to do hefty damage to him, I’ll try to time my charge with one of the ticks of damage so I can drop him really quick.  Usually this works, as the enemy healers won’t always be able to keep him up after the timing of this event.  Be careful on charging through the enemy though, try a more indirect route around their mob to get to him, if he’s unfortunate enough to sit in the back.

[Not Doing]:

As melee dps, you should not be leaving the artifact holder if he is a tank or another melee dps.  The combined damage of the mob will help the artifact holder acquire more killing blows, thus giving your team more points.  Remember, this scenario is about kills.  The more kills at the hand of your artifact holder, the better.

– Healers –

If you’re lucky enough to get healers in your group…


Usually the healers are good at doing their job, most have given up the attempt at being a DPS class and try their hardest to keep everyone alive.

I see a lot of healers doing poor positioning while they attempt to heal the group up.  Most of the fights are going to take place right in the middle of this map, it’s the way it’s designed.  The way the temple is built, you can make use of the walls and still heal your group.  Don’t stand where you’ll be instantly recognized and targeted by range.  Level 20 healers will have an advantage because of their AoE heals, so they can stand even further away from the fighting.

Farther back: Great LoS, but more succeptable to flank.

Position 1

Middle ground: Good balance in positioning, giving you a momentary advantage in case of flank.

Position 2

Front: right up near your heavies, safest from flank with slightly less forward-LoS.

Position 3

Adjust yourself properly to get your heals to those RPDS sitting on that grassy knoll!

Watch out for LoS blockers

[Update 6.11.10] – I modified my healing positions screen shot to include a simple Line of Sight (rough estimate of course) for each position.  As well as certain objects from those positions to watch out for.  Also, in position 3 you’ll be a lot closer to the fight so be on guard, but you won’t have to worry about RDPS.

A word of caution, be sure to keep your flank watched and call out incoming.  Every now and then Destro like to try this and kill all of the off guard healers.

[Not Doing]:

Leaving the artifact carrier unsupported.  A lot of players either forget that someone is carrying the flag, or they don’t think that anyone can get them in the back.  Here’s what you should remember, the person with the artifact begins to die as soon as they pick it up.  If you don’t keep an eye on them, they will be dead.

– The Map –

What should be happening.

– Quick Tips –

Do not bring the flag back to your spawn,  it’s an outdated tactic and you will turn into a chicken, drop the flag, and die if you get to close to your spawn.  Bring the fight to them, but do it intelligently.

In order to pick up the artifact, you must be very close to it.  I would even say, right on top of it.  It has a very short radius of interaction.  Be sure to spam that right click! (I’ll try to have a screenshot depicting this later)

– Final Note –

I will update with more screenshots later this week.  I foolishly attempted to make this during a weekend warfront… so. Yeah.  I had a hard time getting into a Mourkain Temple.  >:(

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith, The Part-time Tactician

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  1. The problem I have with Mourkaine temple is that AoE is very effective in it, and while a lot of dps classes have it in t2, most healers don’t have their AoE heal. But with balanced teams this can be hellish fun.

    Nice writeup. :)


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