A Pink hell, a Tink tormentor

I jumped up to the sound of my own scream echoin’ from the depths of me ‘ol cave.  My head was damp with sweat and my knuckles whiter than me ancestor’s beard.  I could hardly thank Grungni, my breath was short and raspy from the fright I had endured.  For in my dream, I had been taken away from my tiny little hole in the earth.  Dragged kicking, spitting, swearing, and grumblin’ to a torment I was not prepared for.  I blacked out…

When I came too I was strapped to a steel contraption that wreaked of dry blood and rotten flesh.  My eyes darted left and right in an effort to gain awareness of my surroundings.  And then I saw her, or maybe it was a him I can’t be certain.  It spoke to me in a dual voice.  Soft and gentle like a woman’s, but clear and commanding like a man’s.  It said to me, “You have been wandering about for some time now, I think that some direction is needed for you.  Perhaps you need guidance?”

I wasn’t sure how to react, so I just grumbled and grunted from under my straps.  It smiled a calm and satisfied smile in return.  It then said to me, “I do not need a response from you, my followers will welcome you in due time.  For now, however, I have a dear friend who would like to give you some… personal attention.”

The straps were suddenly undone and I fell to the stone floor.  All I could hear was the laughing of that thing in the shadows as I looked frantically around for a weapon.  I firelight came to life behind me, illuminating my present situation.  I don’t know when or how, but I began to look frantically at my armor.

Pink!  Everything was PINK!  Who or what did I offend to make such a grievous and unfortunate disaster fall upon my beard.  My BEARD!  Oh thank goodness it was not pink as well.  Laughter came from the source of the fire, I turned on it in a rage!  It was a manling, no a womanling!  A Bright Wizard of all things and she was howling in laughter over my situation.

Her eyes turned into glowing pink embers and the flame in her hand swelled into a raging pink bonfire.  The once normal firelight became a pink glow all around me.  And this woman approached me, the fire in her hand climbing up her arm and engulfing her entire form.  I cowered in fear before such a display of power.  I began to gasp as the air around me sweltered.  With a final blazen grin on her face she lunged at me and I felt my beard singe to my chin.  And then I woke up…

I will be up for days from that nightmare!  And I’m now doing double shifts around my hole in the ground.  I need to make sure there’s no more than one way into this place.  Oh, I happened to stumble upon some crates of pink dye that the skaven I killed earlier had hoarded away down here… but that’s probably just a coincidence.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Pink for Tink

Pink for Tink

I had learned about what happened to Tinkerhell from Badlands on Shadow-war’s blog.  I wasn’t quite sure how to show my support for her during this hard time.  I didn’t just want to create a post saying that I also wish her well and pray for her quick recovery (which I do, both!).  So, this is my little bit for Tink!  Hopefully you’ll be able to identify the characters in this story. :x

I hope you enjoy the weekend post special. And be sure to visit her Husband’s post!

– Brandon

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