The nearest road

I got my work cut out fer me!  I stumbled upon a supply route.  But it’s bein’ used by bandits!  I can hardly believe my dwarven eyes.  Here you’d think the chaotic energy pouring over this land was bad enough.  I’ll need a pipe later to calm the grumbles and curses boilin’ in me gut!  These sniveling wretches betray their own! OCH! Never trust the word of a manling.  I bet they’re pilfering goods to the enemy!  Grungni smite them all!!

Well, they don’ know I’m here for the time bein’ which means I’ve got the bigger hammer!  I ain’t need to make a move just yet, seein’ as there  may be more of ’em hidin’ in the shadows…

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Hidden well

The blighter doesn't see me yet...

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