What be lurkin’ in the dark!?

I couldn’t get an ounce of sleep last night.  That bloody scratching and squeaking bellowin’ from the depths of this cave was enough to make a dwarf shave his beard and become a slayer.  So, I made an oath to m’self, that I would end that infernal noise and get a good nights rest! My armour was still drying itself out, so all I had available to me was me faithful shield and my axe.  From a distance you’d think I had lost an oath and become a slayer!

Upon working my way down, deeper, into the cave I regretted not havin’ brought any source of light to go by.  Grungni should ‘ave warned me!  But, the ever growing noises were a perfect beacon by which to travel.

I found him!  I found that bloody noisemaker deep within this mountain!  ‘An I put me axe right into his scalp.  Now I can finally get some rest…

This pack rat also managed to collect some various supplies from the local Empire militia.  I figure this was a blessing by Grungni after all.  I’ll be able to use these supplies to better situate myself and explore this region known as Ostland.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Kill the rat!

You filthy rat!

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