This will have to do

I managed to find a cave a good stone throw away from the marshes.  I’m thankful that I ain’t be needing to travel through that wet, awful, wetlands any more for the time being.  I can ‘ardly believe the junk that managed to float its way into me armour when I was a wading through that muck.  Not to mention the unending wetness that clung to me.

This cave doesn’t appear to be home to nothing more than the occasional rat, which is good news for me!  The first one I find that ain’t festerin’ and oozin’ I’m gonna eat.  For now, I’ll find me comfort in removing this armour and having it dry by the fire.


These rats… they’re watchin’ me and stirring about to no end in the darkness behind me.  I ain’t sure about what I’m hearing anymore.  I don’t think I’ll be overstaying my welcome.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

It's freezing...

I don't like what I'm hearin'...

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