1.3.5 – First Impressions

Overall, I think it’s an improvement for the game.  It definitely brought out a lot of activity, which is always good to see.  Here’s a quick glance at the ups and downs of what I’ve experienced thus far… and it’s not going to be a very long list.


– City sieges I can’t quite comment on, I haven’t experienced the pre-1.3.5 way.  But, I will say that I wish I had a way of seeing how the other instances of the siege/defense are going.

– New colors are really nice

– Minimap indicators are awesome!

– Altdorf loads faster.

– T4 activity is definitely higher :)


Getting used to where the NPCs are located in Altdorf

– The bag slots, that you purchase, seem overpriced in my opinion.  And they scale with your level. :O

I know the list doesn’t seem too extensive, but I wasn’t able to get into the game until late and I only played for a few hours.  So, this is what I could recall from my first submersion into the new patch.

On a side note about some of the class changes, I’m very glad I have never experienced Bright Wizard above level 13, because I won’t have to adapt from an older play style. :D

– Thrangis “The Red”

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