I can hardly keep on task with all the running about they have me doing. Och!  I can hear the cries and horns-a-blowin’ for aid from the well known Mandred’s ‘Old.  It’s a fortification in constant need of repair.  It is a human made structure, so it ain’t surprise me one bit!

Ah well, it looks like that the recent call to Mandred’s was a folly.  There ain’t nothing here.  All these manlings be worried over every little shadow that casts itself in their presence.

When sunrise comes I’ll be pressing into the darker, mist filled, land of Ostland.  I’ll be praying that Grungni watches over me.  My replacement should be coming along sometime in the night. I have found comfort from sleepin’ behind some stone walls instead of the open wilderness, even if I ain’t be trustin’ the strength of ’em.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Hopefully the food here is good.

Nothing to swing my axe at!

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