Nordenwatch – Tier 1 – Order

– Intro –

If you are reading this, I am going to assume you already know what Nordenwatch is and how much can go wrong (with a pug at the wheel).  This guide is not for new players (even though I’m addressing tier 1 specifically) and I am not going to go into all the statistical details about how the mechanics of this scenario work. If you are just looking to learn some other ways to direct your mayhem in the hopes of a victory, than please keep reading!

– The Situations –

The worst problems I run into in Tier 1 Nordenwatch are:

1. “The Mob” assaulting the enemy spawn point.  While you, I’m assuming, are the only one trying to run around and achieve something.

2. Everyone doing their own thing until they are rounded up and cornered at spawn.

3. The “We lost fort, so go to Barracks” tactic.

4. Holding bridge like it’s an objective.

5. My final favorite, trickling into the enemy in a desperate attempt to do nothing and yet look busy.

This is not a winning strategy

That one guy doing his job... that's you.

Stop charging into them!

It's ok, this one happens :(


Because it's that important!

This is a mess...

Hold the bridge!

Everyone to bridge quick!


If only a single person could make such a difference in WAR.

Please take a number.


– The Plan –

I am a firm believer in “Hold Fort and Win”, especially in Tier 1.  It has proven itself over and over again with PUGs.  So all of my approaches to Nordenwatch involve just that, getting to fort and winning.  Also, I’m Order, so my point of view is not always going to assist Destruction in their strategies.  I’ll address each problem and provide a simple remedy to each.

Situation 1:

I know that players can get anxious waiting for the enemy to come to them and they satisfy their anxiety by charging into the fray as a nameless mob.  Though, in some cases, it may appear like you are winning.  You are leaving the other objective very vulnerable and ripe for the taking.  Camping your enemies spawn is not a tactic that will carry you through the higher tiers and it is not a habit that is good to form.

The Remedy

– If you can’t manage to bring your allies under control there is only one thing I have done that effectively breaks them from their delusions. The one thing, after capping Fort head to Light House to play defense (even if you’re solo).  Yelling “We should defend LH” in /sc isn’t always going to work, sometimes the team will need a little more visual encouragement.  This is where your solo defense at LH is going to come into play.  If you are there physically, dying, at the hands of the countless destruction your allies let slip through their fingers, then your cries for “defend LH” and “LH under attack” have a higher chance of receiving aid.  Your death will hopefully not be in vain, in fact you might even receive aid before you kick the bucket, meaning that you (single-handedly) averted the loss of this scenario.  Good job.

Situation 2:

People doing their own thing in tier 1 is almost expected.  You’re playing with a lot of Endless Free Trial players, so they don’t really care about the objectives of the game or you.  Sadly, the only thing I can really address here is the after effect of everyone’s selfish meandering.   You and your team herded into your spawn, struggling to find a crack to slip out of.

The Remedy

– Now, if you’re playing against a semi-sentient group of Destruction, it’s safe to say they’re going to be watching for runners trying to escape the little pen they have you in.  So here are the safest (not always the quickest) ways of escape from your little pen.

In case of a fire, head to the nearest exit!

Don't feed them your lives

Your job is to take Fort.  If you have a group with you, hold fort and prepare to defend.  If you are solo, just take fort (prepare to be killed) so your sheep like team can reassemble at LH and press an assault.  They’ll feel emboldened at their sudden victory and march onward.  The one benefit of being cornered at spawn is that everyone will generally stick together from here on, so opening the gate for them to get out can be very beneficial for a turn around.

Warning:  This is a desperation strategy.  At this point in the game you’ll already be behind in VP’s and the Fort sacrifice play can give your enemy a large boost to an already high score.

Situation 3:

Facing down a losing situation can be rough, so many players won’t.  Instead they’ll choose to believe that there’s still hope around another corner.  This corner happens to be called barracks.  The main problem I have with this approach is the utter confusion and disorganization it creates.  If you follow this ploy you will either end up in Situation 2 or a variation of Situation 5.

The Remedy

– There are two scenarios you will run into with this situation.

1. If you find yourself losing fort, everyone dying, here is what you do.  Wait for everyone to respawn.  Convey to others that they should also wait so you can move as a group.  If you can’t get everyone, get as many as you can.  By now, the enemy should have capped Fort and will be barreling down on LH.  So, lead your group into the middle and then up to Fort.  (Optional: You can send 2 or 3 people to Barracks after you have the majority of your force at Fort to attempt a quick cap of both points)  The enemy will start to wonder where all of their simple-minded prey has gone, and won’t start to look backwards until after they take LH.  The following actions after this can result in a cap dance between points, and if you are quick enough to react with the dance you can reclaim control of LH and still hold fort while Destruction holds their puny barracks.

Also, this strategy can be pulled off Solo.  However, it is very risky, and can actually backfire giving the enemy a huge point gain from re-capturing all the objectives you are grabbing.

Go Barracks to achieve nothing.

Many ways to Fort.

2. Your team insists that the “we lost Fort, grab Barracks” strategy is solid by following it through.  You, being the clever individual that you are, take advantage of their ignorance and attempt to take Fort while they take Barracks.  It may appear that this way might work out better, but then you will discover this is wrong.  Once you take Fort, Destruction will take back Barracks by plowing through you and your solo attempt to take Fort.  I wouldn’t recommend attempting this unless the rest of your team really wants to take Barracks, as they prefer to lose and leave chances of victory in your hands.

Situation 4:

There’s not much else to be said about this one.  Everyone just feels like sitting on the bridge while the enemy takes Fort.  Let me say this once and for all, “The bridge is NOT an objective.  You can NOT claim it.  It is NOT your home.  You do NOT spawn there.  It is NOT your best friend.  It is a bridge, so cross it quickly.”

The Remedy

– Your objective is on the other side of the bridge.  Getting your team to gather up their courage and cross it is another thing.  If you find your team getting stuck in this rut, the best solution is to have the biggest brass of your entire team.  You need to be the one charging out to kill the enemy healers, harassing enemy RDPS, and all around being the dog at the end of the leash that’s pulling your team forward.  Your healers are the ones that are going to clog up the bridge, along with your ranged DPS.  If you are able to shout out targets and get on the enemy healers with enough force, your healers (who should be doing their job) will be trying to keep you and others with you in range to keep healing.

Now, I know this doesn’t sound too much like a solution to the problem, but I frankly don’t have a strategy to stop your team from being cowards and fighting on the point.  So, best of luck as you charge into the fray (since you will die most likely).

Situation 5:

Don’t waste a moment when you come across this.  You need to be quick in your actions in order to save everyone.  The only reason for people to be trickling everywhere is because they have to head to guide them.  Usually the first person to yell out something coherent, especially if it’s a destination, will usually pull up the stragglers.  The few that wander off to feed the enemy deserve their deaths.

The Remedy

It’s as simple as this, take charge.  If you see people roaming about in groups no larger than 2, you need to give them somewhere to be.  Take a quick glance at the map and judge what would be the most beneficial target.  Is it Fort, because they’re moving to LH?  Or should you defend LH from an incoming wave of enemies?  Be sure you follow through with your orders.

– Verdict –

Be alert and ready to take charge in your tier 1 Scenarios.  Remember, you’re playing with a lot of free players, so you’ll be running into opposition and idiots on occasion.  Be on alert for these situations and do you best to remedy them quickly.  Have fun! :D

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

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  1. This sort of tactical discussion and solution is just what’s needed and fills a definite niche in the blogroll. I definitely learned something good from this – more please :)

    • silofive

       /  May 24, 2010

      Well, I’m definitely going to tackle as many Scenarios as I can. I feel that Order, especially the PuG’s of Order, have a lot they can do differently to turn the tide of a fight.

      – Thrangis “The Red”


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