Time to rest my weary feet.

These past two days weigh upon me.  Weary from all the travelin’, frustrated from all the interrigatin’, and grumblesome from this entire blasted task.  If not for the oath I gave to serve I’d be far better and away from this blighted place.  Drinking a healthy mug of ale.  Mmmmm….

…Blast!  What I be trying to write down is the oddness of the homes in these parts.  There be so many of these houses standing in shambles across the land.  It brings me to wonder where everyone be livin’ at, if they be a livin’ at all.  Can’t say I ain’t somewhat grateful for ’em.  Gives me somewhere to get out of the rain.  Just gotta make sure there’s nothin’ gonna jump out at me in the night!  Sleepin’ with my axe in hand tonight, and my shield as a blanket!

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Hello.... anybody home?...

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