So, I finally received the offer of peace from Mythic today.  It’s a nice gesture, considering the war they waged upon my bank account.  If you can’t tell from the screenie, I got the Griffon and the White Dye.  Yes, my main is an Archmage!  I do love to heal, oh so much.  The War Tract is what a lot of people are picking up surprisingly, at least that is what I’ve overheard on Tier 3 Chat.  I find that interesting, seeing as I’ll be getting those 2 levels eventually, and with a spiffy griffon mount to boot.  If you don’t know where the NPC is so you can turn in your vouchers for the rewards, it’s in the Library in Altdorf on the second floor.

Overall, I’m happy with the compensation.  I’ll be having fun with the goodies, especially on my alts.  Perhaps Thrangis will get a Dwarf Keg-Handler. :)

Shining white knight!

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