Found one!

I cornered one o’ them sneak’n, no good, filthy rats today!  I found ‘im cowerin’ against the very walls o’ the town.  He was shakin’ an’ mutterin’ to ‘imself about how the great “Changer o’ Ways” was going to reshape everythin’.  I’m not too sure what he was goin’ on ’bout, but my beard grew tight ’cause o’ his nonsense!  I’m thinkin’ there’s more to dis’ story than the manlings are lettin’ in.   I’ll be keepin’ me wits about me as I keep diggin’ up all this chaos filth!

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

I found ya!

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  1. Greetings Thagris,

    News of your journey has reached the Elven kingdoms and it is most welcome. I doubt the race of men can stem the tide alone.

    After many years in service at the White Tower I have been granted my wish and now fight for the honour of the Asur. I have sent word to our allies of your coming.

    I hope we can renew our ancient allegiances and to this end I have dispatched to you a quantity of our finest Elven wine. I trust this will be of a more refined quality than the Dwarven ales you are accustomed to.



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